And, it's wrap, homies


I won't write too much, because between moving countries and setting this event up, I've barely had any sleep. Thank you so much for coming. The energy was impeccable, I couldn't have asked for anything better. We sold out of all our stock! Intense right!?!!??!?! This means that there are now no more copies in the physical Fashaddict store, but postcards and prints are still available for sale in my online store, and now with free shipping on all orders. www.sheridakuffour.com/shop Thank you so so much again, I'm very grateful. Regular posting will continue in September. 


Photos by myself, Justina & Maryan


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SheridaKuffour x FashaddictLDN — You're Invited


It's currently 10.30pm, I'm sat on my mother's couch watching CSI, and full up with rice and stew. I cannot believe this year so far. To say it's been/is a whirlwind is an understatement. If you follow me anywhere on social media, then you'll know that I've been exhausting all areas with my art. I've never done this before! What I mean is, I've never been this shameless in promotion of myself or my art as I have been in the last 5 days (and guys, it's EXHAUSTING, I'm tired of my own voice). From opening my shop last week, to trying to spread the word, and doing all the background work. I haven't really stopped. And this exhibition is no exception. Next week, I'm having an exhibition. I'm doing this with zero money, and really no plan—I'm just gonna to wing it. I got offered the space so last minute and I could either turn it down in fear of not being able to do it for lack of money, or say yes and sort the rest out later. Evidently, I chose the latter. Back in March, I flippantly joked about having an exhibition/party for all my friends. If you know me in real life then you'll know that this is so not me. I've never hosted a party or an event of any kind, so this is a whole new thing for me.

"Also didn't someone say to do one thing everyday that scares you?" 

Also didn't someone say to do one thing everyday that scares you? Well, it suffice to say that this is definitely frightning me. Nevertheless, it's important I press on. Today my sweet mother bought me some frames for the exhibition. When I told her I'd opened my shop, she kinda laughed and said "okay". Bless her. She's so invested in seeing me through this graphic design career. She gets that. She "gets" graphic design, it's tangible, it's something she can explain it, and even add her commentary to art movements or brand identities. But when I told her about my illustration exhibition and shop, she looked at me like "what are you up to now Sherida?". To be honest, I don't really know what I'm up to. I've always regarded myself as a graphic designer and nothing else. But for the first time, I'm coming around to the idea that I might actually be an illustrator too...and an art director...as well a photographer. In the design industry, it's something of a taboo to be a jack of all trades, because you're seen as undecided. At least that's what I've found in London. Plus, the truth is, sometimes I don't think I have the authority to claim all these "titles".

"Who knows what comes next after these small beginnings"

But I'm digressing massively. What I mean to say is, I'm tapping into owning this multi-disciplined lifestyle. This shop, this exhibition, is a manifestation of tiny thoughts planted by my friends and you my readers! From little comments here on this blog from people as close as Berlin to as far as Russia, thank you. 7 years blogging and counting. On to the next aye! Who knows what comes next after these small beginnings. Some books? Some cool collaborations? Some creative videos maybe? The possibilities are truly endless. 

Come celebrate, dance to some 90s music, drink some cheap wine and eat haribos, because we're all young and too broke to afford fancy Wine from South Africa and posh french canapés. be sure to follow my instagram,  and twitter for regular updates! 

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See you real soon. 
Sherida —x.


The Five women in the art shop

On the women that make up this collection

Zipporah (Red) was the first one. She was the first name of the pack. I knew I wanted to draw somebody called that name. In the Bible, Zipporah was the wife of Moses, and daughter (adopted, I've always assumed) of Midianite Priest, Jethro. She's only mentioned a few times, but her name means 'Sparrow' or 'Little Bird'. It was then that I picked up a book by Marek E. Halter called 'Zipporah'. It was a fiction novel about Zipporah's life or how it might've gone. Of course, there was no real biblical basis, but I was instantly drawn to the her story of rejection. Throughout her life, her dark skin places her firmly in the bosom of an outsider. She's fierce and loyal but stubborn, hot tempered and very deeply vulnerable. In many ways, it was the first time that I saw myself in any of my illustrations. It's why she remains my favourite piece I've ever done. 

"Throughout her life, her dark skin places her firmly in the bosom of an outsider."

As for Noa (Pink), the idea for her came much much later. I loved creating her, but for some reason she didn't quite stick. She felt too out of place compared to the others I'd illustrated. She was too playful, too young almost. It was then when I was randomly reading Numbers 27, that I came across this story about a man called Zelophehad who passed away, leaving five daughters behind. In the absence of a male heir, these five daughters fought and petitioned for their inheritance because there was no male to carry the inheritance. By fighting this traditional custom, and going against society's male grip on their destinies, these five women, and particularly Noa—who was the speaker refused to be robbed of what was rightfully theirs.

Ultimately, I created these characters based on women in the Bible whose stories I find most interesting. For me, being able a Christian and a feminist are so deeply intertwined. I discovered so much of myself, that is, being black, and being a woman when I converted to Christianity. I found me, my passions, and compassions in Him. It's a very odd thing to say in this climate we're currently in, but it's something I've never been more sure of. 


Make sure you check out my shop for these prints and loads more stuff coming up. 


SheridaKuffour Shop — Art Prints


I'm so incredibly excited to announce the opening of my very own art shop! After years of loving nagging by my friends and you, my readers, I thought it was about time to open up my own situation on the innernetz. 

So, at present, there are only 50 prints for sale. And once that's gone, That's it! as in, there won't ever (never say never though) be another Tabitha (orange bae) or another Zipporah (red Boo). I did this because I think it's important, to stay growing. I love These five chicks, but at some point, some other Characters with different life stories will have to be told to.