The Almost Biker Chic


I'm currently eyeing the bulge that is threatening to peak out from the top of my leather pants, thereby ruining the chic biker effect. There's a particular hurt and annoyance that is unique to fitting on trousers for the first time. It is the anticipation of finding out whether the 3/4 of the trousers will fit your upper thigh region. Then, once you think that part is over, there is the conundrum of then fitting it over your buttocks, and then having it magically be small enough to cinch in at the waist to prevent your crack showing. It's a tiresome thing to find trousers, it's the reason why I hardly ever wear them. You'll mostly find me in skirts or dresses, where my self-confidence can remain somewhat intact. 

And yet, here we are...

It remains the perpetual bane of my existence to struggle with trousers and jeans in the changing room, where I start to loathe everything about my body because it doesn't fit the cursed flat sizing of what European women are supposed to be shaped like. So when I found this goldmine, I didn't hesitate to snatch it up. I've been looking for leather trousers since I was eighteen years old, I'm not joking. I found these at a vintage shop just off Brick Lane in Shoreditch, London. For my body type it's perfect. Tapered legs (which I cuffed later on) lengthen my body a little and they're high waisted, so they cover up my bum and cinch in the waist nicely. Given how old they are, and how baggy the crotch area is, I suspect they used to be men's trousers.


"There is a particular hurt and annoyance that is unique to fitting on trousers for the first time"


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