A Girl Like Me - Black is Beautiful?

An interesting insight to black women and their views of beauty.

As a young girl, I remember feeling quite isolated, because of the way I looked, there wasn't so much direct teasing or anything, but there were emotions I felt within me. Although I was happy and bubbly I felt the need to hide. Now a few years on I still think about those insecurities, I don't struggle with them as much, but they're still sort of there. I recall wanting to have hair like the girls in my class, they always had the braids with beads, or curly/wavy, silky hair and all I had was a dumb short afro. At the age of 8 I recall feeling so angry about the colour of my skin, it was always too dark and patchy in places, I just assumed that the lighter you were the prettier you were. The term 'Black is Beautiful' was something that only applied to girls with big curly afros in bushy ponytails, not an African kid like me though.

Older and I'd say a bit more wiser, I embrace my African heritage with open arms, because I realise its part of me and its beautiful. My heart goes out to girls who are dealing with the same issues as I had, because its a difficult thing to go through when you're on you own. Up until 2 months ago I was still going through the, I'm to fat stage, but now I realise that there is someone up there who accepts me for me, so no longer do I have to go through that self-hatred stage again and I'm happy now.

It's really frustrating how we've all just been brainwashed with images of so-called perfection, where being yourself is not appreciated; and thinking back now to those days when I was around 7/8 years old, I shouldn't have felt those things, not that soon at least. ~Should little girls as young as 8 feel like their out of place, in a world where "processed images", By proscessed I mean not natural, relaxed or permed hair, weaves etc. Why do we feel the need to change what we were born with. It's still an issue I feel, we as humans have to deal with.