En Toen Was Er Licht; Zwart Licht

En Toen Was Er Licht; Zwart Licht. And Then There Was Light; Black Light. Basically they are a new hip-hop group rising from Amsterdam. The name Zwart Licht means black light. Everything dark is supposed to be negative and bad, so what they're doing is working against that, using contradiction (black - light oxymoron) to express their views. Overall they give out a positive message for up-coming artists like themselves, and I think that their music releases a breath of fresh air, for me at least. Plus I'm tired of hearing rappers&mc's these day talking about how much money they've got in the bank, or how many girls they're baggin' So it's all good -Plus my the one in red is my cousin; perhaps that is the reason for my biased views :P . Find out more about them www.zwartlicht.net This song is called Vanaf Nu (Meaning From Now On)