Ankara Meets Kente

Nigerians and Ghanians especially are often seen dressed in various stunning styles, all sewn using these materials.
ANKARA is famously linked with Nigerians. This textile has been around for decades and is still being worn by all age brackets in Nigeria and other countries. KENTE on the other hand originated from Ghana and is still worn and held in high esteem by Ghanians and other Africans.Both textiles come in various colours, patterns & bold designs. The idea behind ANKARA MEETS KENTE, is to further emphasize and highlight the beauty of both important African textiles and the unlimited use of them both
These clothes are styled to fit anybody, shape and colour.

ANKARA MEETS KENTE is providing that opportunity to express yourself, your passion, your talent, your dazzling styles and most especially providing you an avenue to showcase your individual sense of style.
If you want to make a statement with your African sense of style, here is where to do it. However daring, bold, unique, and unapologetic, ANKARA MEETS KENTE provides you that chance to show it off!

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