Cream Crack!

I'm afraid we're on this subject again. But i can't help myself Ijust Love natural hair. I was playing around with my hair today and I could feel my natural hair growing out of my braids. I can't tell you how happy I am and I just can't wait to snip it all off. I've been transitioning for about 3 months now and I think I'll trim it a bit when these braids come out, then I'll have me some kinky twists and then the real transitioning from relaxed to natural hair will begin!

Janelle Monae is like the cutest girl (sorry woman) I've seen. has a great combination of presence, awareness, fun, and journey in her music that make her a promising star. So it isn’t lost on those who’ve heard her that there is something special about her.
And her hair is Fabulous. Oh and are you diggin' her style? Cuz I'm diggin her style (lol)

She was dubbed the girlie Grace Jones - uhm yeah.