Just Venting...

Humans *le sigh* we think we know the universe and all its contents, don't we? when in fact there is so much we don't know. It takes 9 (in most cases) months for us to be created and only a second to die. When is it going to get through that we're more vulnerable than we think. Apparently we're the smartest creatures on Earth, when are we going to start living up to that saying...
People base their lives on trying to stamp down someone else's faith. I don't see why people work sooo hard trying to prove there is no God. I love Christ and I publicly announce that. it's not like I'm doing anything to harm anyone, in fact one of my main mission is to help others. Any harm in that? People say that the Bible was made by people who claim to "inspired" by God. That's not true, Ecclesiates for example is a book (in le bible) that questions the very same thing we do, life. I believe that as the years, decades etc. have passed by old values have slowly disentigrated. 50 years ago sex before marriage was not highly regarded, now its perfectly normal. People say "Oh well that was in the olden days" This means that it must have started from somewhere, someone had to lay those rules down. God?
I'm not religious, nor do I follow "religious" rountines. I think that religion is like a diet. You want to lose weight and fast! I never last on diets. I always say ok today is going to be a healthy day, and you know what i'm of it the next day. Religion is similar because all you think is "I wanna stop or change something now and fast!" 
Diets are things that only last a while same as religion That's how people think of religion, the fact that it's never really part of you or who you are. But once you start thinking of God not as a religion or a diet but as a lifestyle, things become more natural. The way you speak, dress, just a new you. And people might say "well I don't see how God wants me to change the way I am". Let me just tell you, it's not about that at alllll. Its more of a personal thing you start wanting to make adjustments FOR YOU. You make changes because you WANT to, not because you have to. I also think that being a Christian is not about forcing yourself to do things but rather wanting to do certain things because.

Some people only pray when going throught hard times and it's like, soooo you're only a believer when something happens, but what about the times when you do succeed? why don't you give glory to God then? See the thing is you can't just switch God on and off when and where you please, your either with Him or against. Some people may be a bit confused about this and may question why it sounds 'harsh'? basically it means if you want go full throttle with God you need to do it all the way and stop making excuses for yourelf. You might say "Well God understand's", true but your put through challenges as a way of saying 'you know what after all this, God has always been there. I have a passionate belief that God will never ever let you go through something that is bigger than you. He knows your weaknesses and your strength, He knows what breaks you and what lifts you up. Its like in school, when a teacher gives you an exam paper and you're just lie WHAAATTT? I can't do this. But your teacher knows, your teacher knows what your good at and what your not, so no matter how hard you think that situtation may be, just know that that paper was sculpted for you, so it's not something you can't break through.

Vent over.

"Don't be offended, ain't nothing that I'm saying law, this is a life learned lesson of true confession and now I'm sitting here to share with yall!" - India Arie.