Let Grow or Let Chop?


So there is this one thing that I have been pondering over this whole month. And that is whether to go natural or not - by that I mean the big chop, no more long hair etc. etc. I really want to but I'm just like -well what if no one likes it,  people have told me not to. But I want to and I have done my research and my product investigation - Everything! I just keep having this urge within me to just CUT IT! However I'm not cutting it because of an'urge' I want to do it because I like it. I have always liked natural hair but i just never though it would be possible for me. For a long time I thought black girls couldn't grow long hair unless something had been done to it. Right now I'm just excited because I think I've decided already; I'm going to go for the big chop and then I'll keep braiding it so it can be protected and so it grows. i just pray that God helps me because aaaarrrgghhh I want it I need it - it's just too beautiful. I can't wait!

My inspirations
These people have really helped me in deciding whether to go natural or not. Plus their hair rocks! I'm not saying my hair will be exactley the same as theirs because our hair differs between each other. Here are their hair journeys from relaxed hair to natural hair and also so words of encouragement!

Miss Kris New

Black Onyx77

Nikki Mae2003