Meet The New Title

As you've probably have noticed i've changed the name of my blog! This is the third time and my LAST time now because this is getting RIDICULOUS three blog names? I'm thinking I probably should have thought of a blog name before starting one - aahhh well i really like this blog title, it's fun and funky. Well maybe not so much funky but hey I'm a young girl and i shouldn't be tied down to something so serious.
However the reason why i went for the title 'Love is a Verb' is because I was planning for this blog to be a poetry place, a place where I just dump all of my poetry but i've decided not to as yet because I don't think I'm ready to share them out. Plus I'm scared of someone copying them! Yes yes you may think I'm a bit crazy and over the top but it happens. Things like this devastate live - I know my life would. But anyways hope you like it because I do!

'Coconut and Cream'

p.s i haven't thought of a slogan as yet - this will come with time lol.