My Natural Hair Fears

I haven't done the bc yet, i'm gonna transition for one month. But here are the little things that always make me doubt my decision to go natural

1. How I will find the right products to match my hair type - People keep saying "find products that match your hair type"... I DON'T KNOW MY HAIR TYPE.

2. People might mistake me for a man! (not a fear though, thats what dresses and flowers are for)   :)
3. I feel that guys might think my hair is not as pretty as other girls' hair and I couldn’t deal with a guy who thought of my hair in that way. I do know that most guys prefer long wavy or straight hair. i guess thats something I'm gonna have to make amends with...
4. This seems silly but I'm going to have to take care of my face too. Since I won't be able to hid half of it anymore behind my hair...
5. How my friends and family will react since most of my friends are telling me not to do it.