Philiand Trust - 365

Ok so last year me and my mum created our own charity so it has officially been one year since launching. I was a  bit skeptic at first about it all, but I'm proud to say that I'm part of something so grand and spectacular. This summer, we're all (the whole family) are going to Ghana to start doing things, I mean big things (BIG THANGS POPPIN n LIL THANGS STOPPIN - lol I couldn't help myself) But yess great expectations for the future of Philiand trust.

So basically Philiand Trust is a charity organisation based in Ghana and UK which specialises in asissting people who are highly affected by poverty to achieve their aims in life. At Philiand Trust we believe in people, regardless of their age, gender, race or tribe. Our aim is to nurture the disabled, the young, the old, the abused and the neglected with knowledge and passion gained from our direct experience with care work.

OOOHH I CREATED THE WEBSITE TOO - ALL BY MYSELF!  I'm not an expert or anything but this was just helping my mum out ....... cuz i'm nice like that you see :)