Mon Gâteau Peu De Français

Wie ben ik?

My name is Sherida Kuffour. Sherida is Arabic, Kuffour is Ghanaian. I also have a native ghanaian name which is Akosuabima, this means I was born on a sunday.
My mum and dad are both from Ghana. I'm from Holland. I spent most of my education in Liverpool (north england). Now i live in London - I wonder where to next.
I don't know where i'm going in life because that would mean me predicting the future. i don't believe in that . so what i'm going to say is i have an idea but since nothing is promised, i'll put that idea down and focus on this minute. The only thing i'm going to do is just trust in God because seriously, i don't care anymore, Jesus has taken the wheel and i'm sitting in the passenger seat - enjoying the view. Thankyou Jesus.

i love jewellery and i'm going to make me some, sometime this week - i hate diamonds though, nor do i like goldy bling thingies. i'd much prefer for someone to give me something handmade than spend unnecessary money on pieces of rock.

This introduction probably should have been my first ever blog post. I apologise.