The time at the bottom is wrong - it is now 1:06am.

You're probably thinking, "what she doing writin' up a blog this late?" well my answer is I don't know. Honestly speaking, I'm tired, my eyes are raw but I'm not sleepy. I've just started my first ever longest ever fasting. And I mean looong, three days no food. Just water. No i'm not Muslim, Christians fast too. And most people think its pathetic to do so, but for me I think its a way of distancing myself from earthly things. Because as much as people want to deny God etc. when you become too caught up in what everybody else is doing, you lose yourself, and what you morally stand for. For example, your a person who never swears but you have friends who do; ultimatly your going to do the same. People take time cussing alcoholics and drug addicts and what-not but sometimes you have think 'well they didn't want to become this way'. Its not like they woke up one day and decided that they wanted to be addicted to something -I'm sure not anyways, its a gradual thing. So fasting is parting ways with what you would normally associate with. It's a a way of telling God, you know what after all thats happend I'm going to fight against all the odds and put my body out for you. it is actually true that you when your not thinking of food and stuff, your mind concentrates waayyy better than what it normally does.Whether you want to believe this or not Jesus proved this when he said unto satan that "Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'" (Mathew 4:4) meaning food is not happiness, it is not the only way to survive,but the true way to survive is by doing what God tells you to do. How do you think the Monks survive long period of times without food? it is because they have parted ways with the world and meditate and Christians do. Mind over matter. To me its a way to cry out like a child in a cradle wanting to be picked up. This is why I say grace whenever I eat or drink something because it is at the time that your vulnerable that your supposed to be most thankful to God.