honestly speaking...

Straight Up...

1. I love God so much, sometimes people wonder if I'm still okay
2. Born in Holland, Yes I'm a proud proclaimed Dutchie. Lived in England for 6 years
3.  Me and music, we're like 2 beans in a tin
4. I hate memories, half of the time they make me cry, because I can't go back and relive the moment
5. Did i mention i love God already?
6. Poetry is my thing, I love words.
7. Art. enough said
8. Toffee, anything toffee,except for icecream. i hate icecream
9. Fashion, is something you live
10. I'm a very passionate person, some mistake that for dramatic :)
11. I prefer big guys over muscley ones
12. My friends don't mean the world to me, i'll be honest :)
13. Dreadlocks are the fizzle
14. There's a difference between, being outspoken and being rude, I consider myself to be outspoken, but that doesn't mean I broadcast "fuck-you's" everywhere.
15. Humans, we're all worthless
16. I've been through a lot. i don't use it as an excuse though. no one cares
17. I plan to obtain a PHD
18. I hate parties
19. Alcohol makes me vomit - me no likey
20. I laugh at stupid things *sigh* another reason why i've been branded a weirdo
21. I'm in constant fear that if i fail at school, or in life for that matter, i'll be looked down at. partly my fault for setting high expectations for myself
22. God has picked my destiny. i know this because he told me so.
23. I am an old fashioned girl with a twist. I believe in the same moral values taught to my grandmother, with the exception that i apply what i know from this day and age to what has already been taught
24. I I like writing, fiction mainly - well i call it reality because the things i write about are real life stories published with different names.
25. I heart knitting, still a beginner though!
26. Karma is a pancake
27. I speak 4 languages fluently - dutch, english, twi, flemish & 2 not so much - spanish, french
30.  I have many hopes and aspiration for the future. i'm just waiting for them to happen