Youtube Superstars

Youtube Superstars

Ok I was just casually roaming around on youtube as i do. And everywhere I turned there where sooo many talented people so what I've done is I've picked my top 5 people that  are just WOW to me, I'm sure you'll find that their amazing too. What I love is that these people are just... ordinary people, by ordinary I mean no record deals or celebrities (apart from Pixie Lott who is somewhat famous) or whatever just your average talented person lol.
Counting Down, starting from El Numero Cinco

#5 - Keke J
Just watch her sing - she's just too good and souldful too!JTV

#4 - Lawrence Trailer
sounds a bit like Jason Mraz 'I'm Yours' song doesn't it? Still though, he can SINGGG and I like the way plays the guitar sooper sexy :)


#3 - Pixie Lott

I'm a personal fan of Pixie Lott, her voice is so beautiful and sincere - ok so she's a minor celebrity here in the UK but I think she deserves a place on this list.

#2 - Jess Delgado
I was a bit hesistant when deciding on where her place should be, but anywaayyy On number three comes this UBER beautiful voice singing Sarah Mclachlan's song Angel. I don't know why but her voice makes me shiver - and in a good way, it's got that texture thing - crazy way to put it but I can't think any other words that defines it.
Here is here Youtube name if you seek her voice for more soothing and comfortness lol - jessddelgado

#1 - Alyssa Bernal

Number one goes to this heavenly blessed girl Alyssa Bernal, she takes a song then makes it her own - that is what I call El Talento :) Oh and her Youtube name is hchsknights08  , just in case you want to hear more of her singing :)