Communcation with God.

HI lovelies :) I've decided to do a weekly bible study - Well not exactly a bible study, I just basically pick a verse/chapter of the bible and discuss it and other times I will discuss the sermons I've had in church and bring it to this blog. You are of course to leave your opinions if you please :)
My reason for carrying this out is because I feel - no wait I KNOW that there are a lot of people that don't understand the bible. Yes they don't - They might've read it but they don't understand it in depth, so then what happens is people assume - assuming isn't good. I'm not saying I'm an expert or anything but I will show you what I know and hopefully leave you saying "Oh so that's what that meant" or "Oh I didn't know that" lol - you get the thrift.
This weeks message or rather question, will be "Are you a decisive Christian? Are you a proactive or reactive in your faith?"

 Daniel is great example of a man who was proavtive in his faith.
1) Daniel spent his time with God regulary. This gave him a better understanding of who God is and what pleases God.
2)Daniel made decisions that pleased God. He was not concerned with eartily treasure but was rather concerned with the blessing of God.
3)Daniel's testimony of God through the way he lived and the decisions he made always pointed people towards God.

Have you ever seen Nanny 911 or Supernanny? If not then I'll give you a little insight. It's basically a series about out of control children, so the parents call The Nanny 911 line for some help and then the Nanny tames them (or somethin like that :S). If you do know what I'm on about then  you'll notice how they always say 'spend more time with your children, have a time of the day or a location where you and your child can just get along better. This way you gain more knowledge on what each person is like. Have you also noticed that the main problem always seems to be communication - Communication is key in any relationship and that is how it is with God. How can you have a good relationship with Him if you don't communicate with Him?
The problems with most Christians today (Including myself of course lol) is that we are reactive in our decision maing and our understanding of God. Our knowledge of God's word is limited because we choose to spend small amounts of time reading and studying His word. Daniel chose to spend time with God. Moses always set up a tent while he was in the desert where he would meet with God.

We need to spend time with God more. So that we can get to know Him, His likes and dislikes, the way He thinks and what is important to Him. We need to set up our own 'tent' away from the distractions of this world. This tent may be your bedroom, your study room or a time in the day that is dedicated to God. Whatever it is, it should enable you to focus on God so that he can spend quality timw with you.
With this better understanding that you will gain, you will learn how to make better decisions. Decisions that please God!

Finally, the end result of God's will in action is made abundantley clear in these chapters, God is glorified! If your desire to please God. then the depth of your knowledge is directly associated with your ability to make decision that please God.

So how often do you spend time with God?
Just you and Him?...