I really miss my hair. I miss touching it and feeling my new coils, kinks and naps as they come in. I'm also becoming a bit of a product junkie ... and I can't use any of the stuff I'm buying!!!! How crazy is that? I keep telling myself I should have stuff on hand just in case.

I find myself constantly coiling it because that's what it does! It's very cool to see my hair curl. But it is a little dry and coarse so I need to leave it alone unless I'm massaging/moisturizing
There were quite a few as you would expect. I was inspired by a lot of them. I wanted to run up to them and scream, "I love your hair!!! I'm only wearing this weave because I'm transitioning." But there were definitely some that didn't - mostly because their hair looked really DRY. I've been reading about so many different natural products that help with this so I'll be experimenting like crazy to find the concoction that works for me.