This is Rox

So I don't know if you've heard, but there's a new artist in town - Roxanne Tataei is storming to the UK chart scene with her eccentric and witty style and a killer voice. And her voice is beaauutiful, amazing and Natural Hair! Psh I know I seem rather obsessed now with natural hair, but seriously, it's not even like a large afro or anything, it's like the same length as mine! there aint no weave, nothing in there *sniff* it's pretty oh and her style also, if I haven't already mentioned is sooo cool, it's like mine (wow first hair in common now style? wonder what next - LOL!) But you should definitly check her out yall "She's DOPE" hehe :)

Roxanne Tataei brings conviction to your sound-system; A powerful voice on a stage with a tale or two to tell. Half Jamaican and half Iranian, at the tender old age of 21, her debut album entitled “Memoirs” is the fortuitous result of hard graft and a singular minded headspace.
Miss Tataei’s youth wasn’t misspent; Saturdays were for Church, for singing, from 9am to 5pm, every week from the age of five to ten. It was here that her voice.... READ MORE ON HER WEB (which is also super cute!) www.

her new single -