Better Father

Hii lovelies, so I HAVE to share this with you guys what happend yesterday (The last day of my Easter holiday) . Basically I was on my laptop just browsing the internet (as you do). I wasn't really feeling myself - like I was having an out of body experience, I was feeling quite dull, as I thought about how I was going to cope going back to college with no money.

Now this had been pondering over and over in my mind - I hadn't spoken to my dad for aages (he lives in Switzerland) and the last time I spoke to him, we barely had a decent conversation  and he said he'd send me some money every month to fund for college needs and what-not. So anyway the conversation got cut short due to certain circumstances and he promised to call me back the next day. That never happened. I waited and waited and waited, and I know your probably thinking "Why did YOU not phone". I did after a week and found that my number was BARRED; barred??? Are you serious, my own father barred my phone calls. But to my suprise I wasn't really... dare I say... Bothered, not one bit! At first whenever I needed something (that something was always money) I'd phone him and he never gave the impression that it annoyed him hmm... So little Ole' miss Sherida kept asking and asking... (This was before I met Christ) So anyway that same day I prayed and prayed not for God to make my dad answer my calls but to give me strength to deal with the situation. I wasn't spiteful or angry. I had my Heavenly Father who is greater than any father on Earth so I felt happy anyways. SO as I sat lurking on the internet my phone rings, I didn't have to look twice to realise that 0041 was a call from Switzerland. I picked my phone up calmly and said hello:

"Sheri Sheri" He replied in an unusual happy tone "I phone you many many times, Why you not pick my phone" (lol)
Of course the conversation carried on and on to the point where we were both speechless and whatever had happened before really did not matter, not to me (or him I hope)
"Sherida, I send you money through Western Union - you pick it up yes?"
"Um" Here I'm contemplating a bit on what to do, option 1 - sound excited or sound 2 - accept humbly... or option 3 - not accept at all... Lol at the last option. Plus he taunted me till I said ok (daaww)

But basically the moral of this story is  that PRAYER CHANGES THINGS and in this case God was soooo benevolent and magnificent; the words of my prayer had not even finished flowing and He was already on the case - What I also know is that God always gives me more than I need, because trust me, the provision I received on that day was waaay more than I asked for. Even  at the time when I felt really low, a couple of words were heard by the Lord Almighty -
Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.