Confessions of a Blogger

I like this confessions game....

1. I've always secretly adored people with red hair, freckles and piercing blue eyes - breath-taking

2. When reading something really interesting I have to read out loud or it won't process well lol.

3.One of my biggest fears used to be dissapointing others (though most of the time the fear was dissapointing myself)

4. I love seeing people that've been married for super long - makes me smile and quite frankly gives me hope too

5. I like daydreaming about what my future life is going to be like - What it'll be like to have a husband and kids and all the rest lol

6. But on the other hand I'm terribly scared of sex and getting pregnant - I can't imagine that part of marriage and to be honest... I don't really want to.

7. I get super nervous around babies

6. I am an addicted blogger- I love reading other peoples blogs especially Christian and natural hair blogs

8. I lovee talking to strangers - I've met and gained some wonderful friends through this :)

9. I HATE interviews, the idea of selling yourself, I perceive as nothing but boasting.

10. I've been wanting to delete my facebook for a while - I just haven't plucked up the courage to do so yet.

11. This may be a shock for some but I don't ever want to own a car. I want a bicycle or take the bus or take the train or tram, I don't know maybe it's the Dutch in me

12. I sometimes wish I lived in a different era - any era but todays, preferably 1950/60s the time of Martin Luther King, Black Liberation, Recognition of the black history, Rhythm and Blues and most of all fashion - My favourite era of fashion.
But now everyone but a few have lost the plot - singers and polictians alike.