One and only...

Jermaine Craig.

Hey guys, so i'm back with another update of what's 'poppin' (lol excuse my american accent). So a while ago I interviewed a photographer and young entreprenuer called Jermaine Craig from England - Ahem... I say England because, when interviewing him I forgot to ask him where abouts in England he's from and I don't really want to go back and ask him one stupid question which I should have asked before, sounds silly I know but trust if you were in my position you'd understand...
Anyway where he's from ain't that much of a big deal, it's where he's going that will make a difference. The reason I chose to pick him to interview is simply for his work, which I find quite stunning and as an aspiring photograher/graphic artist etc. myself I find it inspiring to know someone who has started in the same position as myself and is working themselves to the top. I first found Jermain Craig on Myspace (I think?); don't ask me how, it was myspace, adding random people was my day job (lol). But on a serious note his work is impressive, particulary the website he created for Jay Solomon. It's very simplistic but yet gets the point across. I like how he has filled the space with just a photograph, no hassle but yet works effectively.
Oh and my personal favourite of all his work is this:
Yet again simplicity is evident and the use of mark-making is extra-ordinary, I'm not too sure what medium is used here but I'm gonna take a wild guess and correct me if I'm wrong but some sort of square shaped object; perhaps a sponge? Well either way this is my favourite out of all his work; as I've mentioned above like a million times hehe.
 So yeah, I suggest you go check him out at
There's some other stuff on there that I'm sure you're bound to find eye-catching and inspiring :)

I'll post the interview tomorrow or something, because my PC has just decided to act up on me - Hence why I have a passion for MACs, humph, to be added unto my wish list.