Random stuff about

me you probably don't know...

1. I love having conversations about life  - I don't mean the average 'oh look how bad the world is' But more of the science, for example eveything you see has been put together to immaculatly and perfectley to the exact proportion of 1.61803399 (1.62 when rounded up). What do Skyscrapers and insects have in common? Nothing right? Wrong, when broken down according to size, the proportions add up to 1.62 - I could go into detail which brings me to.

2. I hate relaxers - I absolutely detest them.On my hair of course - I think it suits others but not mine lol. My mum started chemically straightening my hair when I was like 3 or 4 -  It wasn't till february 2010 when I cut of all my relaxed ends, I actually didn't know the texture of my hair - I remember my friend back in high school had really curly, kinky hair - I liked it but had nooo idea that my hair could do the same. Now l won't ever touch a relaxer ever again, let alone relax my future daughter’s hair (If God permits me to have a daughter). No matter how ‘nappy’ it is.

3. I have an obsession with lip-balms... I collect'em. So far I've got at least 15 different ones and I don't use any of them apart from one which is the cheapest one out of all of them but works the best. I know "strange" right?

4. I don't like maths but I really like algebra... Don't ask.

5. I don't like slang. Let's just leave it at that shall we?

6. I think ginger hair (and freckles) is super beautiful, I have a few people that will protest this but could I care less? No.

7.I really want to learn how to play a guitar

8.I love to read - My favourite authors/poets are Benjamin Zephaniah, William Shakespear, Charles Dickens, Sophie Kinsella, Majorie Blackman and mooorre, but these are all I can think of for now

9. I've never seen the Godfather

10. I don’t believe in horoscopes, fortune tellers, physics, medium - The whole lot

11. In the whole of my life I have lived at more than 30 different houses and counting (In different countries too) No I'm not a gypsy my mum just can't decide where she wants to live lol.
12. I could watch Friends TV show all day long
13. I used to play the saxophone.


14. I'm a Contemporary dancer but have always been fascinated with Ballet.
15. Which brings me to the fact that I wish I was more flexible

16. I love Oats - I have it every morning when I have time lol