Gives Me Hope

"One day, a 17 year old girl slipped into a coma.
A boy she always had a crush on, but thought he never knew she existed, visited her every day, telling her how much he loved her.   For a week he did this until she finally woke up, with the words “I love you” ringing in her ears.
We have been married now for 5 years. Jason your LGMH."

"One day while walking home, I saw some mean boys telling her that there was gold in a puddle of mud. She ran over to the puddle of mud and started splashing in it, and the boys laughed as she got dirty.
Instead of laughing, another boy in my class went up and started playing in the mud with her. He GMH

My parents have been married for 35 years.
The other day my mom told me that when my dad calls her up at work to see if she wants to grab a cup of coffee, she still gets butterflies in her stomach. Their everlasting love GMH.

These are just some of the amazing short stories told by people all over the world. The littlest things that make all the difference - Go to this link if you want to read more! I love it, because unlike FML (as some of you are familiar with) It totally appreciates the beauty of life for some