Stop forcing your religion unto me.

 Stop forcing your BELIEFS unto me. There are these two guys in my class, lets just call them Bill and Bob. Two very different type of atheist (in my opinion) Bill hates God and Bob feels the need to bombard me with figures and scientific facts to try and "tame my Christianity". So us three were just talking about God and surprisem, surprise. They did not only try and break me down but Bill actually had the nerve to say that I was too smart to be a Christian, that I know to much to believe all this BS! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I felt offended, I actually felt offended. He then went on to say that religion is for people who are crippled and stuff and I don't really have a reason to believe it.  I'm going to be honest right now and say that I was speechless, my mouth was literally left hanging and I all I said was 'I feel offended', I mean my mind went dead. 10 minutes on into the conversation, they still were going on about my lack of proof that God exists.
Now prior to this conversation, I had told both of them that I was not there to debate or argue, all I wanted was to tell them, then from then on they were free to make whatever choice they wished to. Let me just state that I am a witness of Jesus Christ, not a darn philosopher. So I must say that I was getting ready to leave before punches started to fly around... LOL joke :)  but to tell you the truth, I felt belittled and quite broken.

Then at this point, as I was about to leave, there were two girls who were sitting on a table near us who had been listening to our whole debacle and one of them (I now know her name, Kim) asked me if I was a spokesperson for a church or something.  I looked at her thinking it was another atheist getting ready to force her religion unto me too. I then said no, and gave a quick explanation of what was really happening and I asked her if there was anything she wanted to add unto the conversation. To my surprise, she said she was a Christian! I can't tell you how that felt, God knew what I was feeling like and came to my rescue. So now there was 2 of us (not sure if her friend was a Christian but was by all means backing her friend up) against them 2. I know this sounds like a war film but surprisingly me and Kim managed to keep the atmosphere light whilst Bill and Ben were shouting all sorts about a trillion lights making up the world and these other galaxies and chimpanzees and bananas and ants and WHATEVER! All me and Kim could do was laugh, it was actually funny because the word says "For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness". 1 Corinthians 3:19

After this whole ordeal I went and prayed about it, I thanked Him and cried about it, not necessarily because of what they were saying but at the fact that they felt the need to try and convert me to their belief. Some people may feel like this is what Christians do most of the time and I understand that, that is in fact was most Christians do. But please if you are a Christian and reading this, remember that Our task is not to convince them to come to Christ, but just tell them about it, we are called to be witnesses. Not philosophers. If you are stuck in an argument like this, just pray in your head for God to give you something to say. You don't have to know everything they ask you about, just put your pride aside and tell them; 'I don't know. But I'mma find out and then I'm gonna tell you'. Another thing, Christianity is not about knowing everything, but Gods' love. From then on everything will fall into place.

Bless. x