Dear God - Introduction

Dear God

I just wanted to write you this letter, yes letter,  not a poem or a song. Just a letter, maybe even call it a prayer or even a diary entry directed to you and only you. I always saw people keeping diaries but I always questioned who they were writing to. But I want this to be clear that it's for you. Every single letter is for you.

I just want to start of by saying thank you Lord for my life. I truly want to thank you for the life of others in my life. When I think of the love you have for us it drives me insane to know people still want to break that love. But I know you can't be broken, your unbreakable and just plain AWESOME. I was crying my heart out a few days back... Because you died. You died for me, you died because of me, you deserved none of it and yet you took on that burden for me. I may not be the prettiest, smartest or rich but I pretty darn privileged to be called as your own. It's like being accepted in to that cool group at school for who you are - Not a very good example but words can't really describe. Even after I was saved I still didn't get it - it took about a month or 2 to truly come to terms with the fact that you would die for someone like me. Sure I thought I was a very good person at the time because I stole very rarely and I got good grades, but you Lord showed me who I really was, a lying, cheating, lusting, greedy, prideful girl who hated countless people with a strong burning passion, that passion that was inwardly but destructive.What would have become of me had it not been for you? Where would I be if you hadn't been there. WOW what an amazing person you are and I love nothing more than to serve you and the day when I see your face will be the day when...
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