I love how you lie.

ohhh yeahh babes I just LOVE how you lie, please please lie to me some more, it sounds sooooo gooood

So I was on a blog the other day and the blogger normally has a chart of the hottest songs right now, my curiosity captured the best of me as I scrolled down to see who was on the list. Some of them I'd never heard of.  I don't really watch t.v, so I guess I don't know what's "hip and cool" right now. I've sort of stopped listening to music from this century, not because I have to but because it's full of crap. I was born in the 90s and that may not seem like a long time ago (lol) but at least then music had some sanity. Don't get me wrong I'm not bashing the music of this time and era, but it seems like music now is meaningless, and I'm talking mainstream. I've seen so many talented musicians on you-tube that deserve to have some recognition at least. Musicians that actually sing sense, genuine gospel artists not those who shout and scream (no offence) and are obsessed with getting money in the bank rather than speaking to souls. Before this time there were non-gospel artists that at least made songs about self-respect like TLC no scrubs or dare I say Salt-N-Pepper Whatta Man - Yeah I know what your thinking What's that song got to do with self-respect? Not self respect per-se but these woman were singing about the good qualities about a man, rapping about things like his respect and love for her, the way he treats her,  it's better than hearing a song that praises Bad Boys, I mean WHEN in the world did it become okay for a guy to be a bad-ass, please explain because obviously I missed the memo. Gone are the days of  "my body is the Loooord's temple, don't mess with me God's property" (by Trin-I-Tee). Call me old fashioned but when I get married (if God permits) I don't want to praise my hisband for being a "Rude Boy" or "Bad Boy". No thanks.
But that's not really the reason why i'm writing this. There's a new song called... wait for it.... waaaaiiit...waiit just  bit longer... Okay it's called I LOVE HOW You lie...I'm not joking... it's called I love how you lie, by Eminem? and Rihanna I think. I mean should we be suprised? Really? because I'm not really. What's next? I Love How You Cheat On Me? I Love How you Beat Me Up? I haven't heard it and i don't plan to but judging by my facebook notifications, everyone loves it! How nice. hihi. Anywhooo that's it really lol, it needed to come out somehow...

Have a lovely day :)