The Purpose

Urgh. I truly need to find a purpose for this blog. It's just I find myself talking about anything and everything, which is what I wanted in the first place, but now it's getting out of hand I think. All I know is I want this blog to glorify God regardless... So how about a natural hair blog? Naahhh there's too many of them and what could I add to the natural hair community that hasn't already been said? That being said I like doing product reviews and stuff but I don't really want a hair journey thing... Hmm a fashion blog? Nope, nice, but no.
Ohhh I'll tell you what started this blog idea. So basically me and my friend were going to start a poetry blog where we just add poems together, but for some reason that didn't happen and I decided to fly solo, writing poetry on here. This was before it was called Coconut and Cream. But then it'd be all serious and I was a bit paranoid about copyright and stuff.
The first ever name for this blog was Spoken Diaries (To carry the poetic theme) So then I changed the name to Love is a Verb but I felt it was too cliché. But now the name is settled, Coconut And Cream and don't worry about me changing it again :) hihi, I've probably already said this but the reason why I chose Coconut and Cream is because it was my favourite lip-balm and I was stuck for ideas so I just chose something random. So yeah I guess it fits pretty well, random... which is what this blog is all about. Random things? Whether serious or light-hearted, the atmosphere will always switch up.
Sweet! so there may not be a specific topic for this blog, but at least there's diversity which is cool, I like that. I like it very mucho :)