I had a dream

NO...  actually it was more like a nightmare
It's quite reoccuring this one. this is what happened:

One day like 5 years into the future, I was sitting at home with my big Afro and friends and we were talking about hair and stuff and they challenged me to go to a salon (note -I hadn't been for 5 years that I'd been natural) and then I said okay I'll go and get a steam/oil treatment or something.
So then there I was in the salon waiting in the chair whilst the hairdresser went off to get something. I told her I just wanted a steam or oil treatment. Then she comes back with a buckety type thing. So I asked her what it was in the bucket and she looked at me like "WHO are you to question my authority". and then she replied with "It's a special treatment we give for people with your hair".
Then I shut up.
So then she starts applying this substance on my hair starting from the back of my head, roots working her way to the top... Now this feels kind of familiar... It's cold and tingly, it smells funny... Smells kinda like... A RELAXER!!!
Without hesitation I jump from the chair turn to see the back of my head and *EEEKK* it IS a relaxer. By now I'm about to faint, someone catch me. So then they all try to calm me and I tell her to wash it out and the hairdressers like no we can't wash it out, we have to go through the whole process or else your hair will fall out... So feverishly I sit back in the chair and have my whole head done... 4 hours later I come out looking like this

I woke up frantically running my fingers through my hair to ensure it was indeed a dream.Yep it was... LOL chill it's only hair... Or is it? (click here to find out if it IS just hair) *Stuff that makes you go hmmm*

Miss Kris New's Accidental Relaxer Dream *lol* Glad I weren't the only one.