Taking a Break

Heyy guys, well first of all I truuullyyy thank God for his goodness! My pastor went on Outreach in Namibia for a week and he safely returned last Sunday so praise be to God!
And second of all thank you for following me and being interested in my life and my ramblings and my oh so random posts, you guys are awesome!!! <3<3
I love meeting new people so feel free to talk to me here or add me here or if your Dutch add me here
(Note-Just remind me your from the blog!)

Okayyy so brief hiatus coming up, I'm taking a break from the blogging world for a while because I'll shortly be going home to Holland for the rest of this month, to be honest I've had enough of this country and quite frankly need a break from it before school starts again. I can't wait to see all my family and friends again!
If God be willing, I'm hoping to move back to Holland in 4 years time -
Anywhooo so there won't as much written posts as normal, I'll probably post more pictures or videos of my time spent there if anything. I won't be answering emails as much either, maybe once a week - Definitely a difference from me checking it 3 times day (Morning, Afternoon, Evening).

I pray that you all stay blessed and enjoy all that's left of the summer and i'll catch up with you all when I return.

Goodbyeeeeee England. Sherida's going home :-)