Want Don't Get... Feminism

My lovely friend Rudo of Ethos Photography recently wrote on the subject of Feminism. It's a powerful post in a way that it breaks down those typical 'feminist' thought, I loved it so much I had to write a response on it. Especially since I'm an ex-feminist, I guess it spoke right to me.

Here it gooooes.

Last year I was a very different person than I am now.  . I wanted to be Miss "Independent", Miss "I-Can-Do-Everything-Without-A-Man", Miss "Who-Needs-A-Man". I'm telling you I was obsessed.
I wanted power, I wanted to be recognized, I wanted money and glory - See how 'want' is the reoccurring theme here?
That aside, I felt like guys were my main competition. Sometimes I'd look at some of the boys in my class and cringe to myself...Literally. You know that girl in your class that just seems to hate everyone and is a snob or the one kid in your class who was all about black power or woman power... Yeah that kid was me [lol]
I was opposed to marriage, I was resentful to women in the kitchen and this last one really irked me. Stay-at-home- mums! I remember saying several times I am NEVER getting married, but really the underlying reason was that I was terrified! If I were to get married I'd had to marry someone 10-15 years older than me and was filthy rich and lonely, I was scared that my husband would have a kid with me, and then I'd go fat and then he'd leave me with another woman that was 10 years younger than him, so I wanted to prevent that situation before it happened.
Yes the theme of being a wife and mother seemed 'nice' but then that would mean me having to give up everything that I had - It was pride

But now, fastfoward to 2010 and saved! I look back and think of the things that I wanted my future to have and they didn't include family or even love - I can't believe that at one point in my life I wanted to sit in an office rather than fall in love (that sounds super cheesy lol). I wanted to open business everywhere, be filthy rich, have people falling over to speak to me. Let me tell you this, Pride and Arrogance is not a good trait. 
I hated the term "jobs for women"and if anyone called me one, you'd better get ready for some looong 4 hour debate on why the word "woman" is discriminating against females o__O

But you know what I am a woman and I love the thought of serving Christ as a woman, not as a woman trying to take a man's role. This whole feminism thing is something I now call stupid. So what if I like to cook,knit or sew. So what if I like being what I am. There are men that love to cook too, does that make them women heck no!
The fact that God has appointed us these roles already makes us special.  We don't need to try and be something else to try and add on what God has already blessed, too often we try and add on. Like myself I felt that having a the qualifications in the world would make me that little bit more special. But noting worldly can ever add unto what God has made! 

*Southern Accent* Soooo chile if yuh iZ a woman, chile love being a woman and if yuh iZ a man, then honey go right ahead and be a man! Ain't no shame

Rudo's post on Feminism - It's a MUST read!!!