I'm never ever ever ever EVER going to get a job - It's not even like there aren't any jobs. I want to work in retail for the time-being and everywhere I go they ask for experience. I'm like WELL if you gave me a  job then I'd have experience wouldn't I? - Don't answer that.
I don't understand, my grades are like near perfect, I speak English well, I'm not a terrorist - WHAT is your problem??!
I've been looking for a job for like a year now, it's the same'ole same'ole. I went again today, listen I think I've spent more time, money and effort printing out my CV than you employers will EVER give me...(i hope not though).
So then I thought okay retailers don't want me I'll go to a fast food restaurant. I mean I've worked in Burger King before so I've got experience. I went to KFC, McDonalds, Subway and back to Burger King again - You know what they all said? You don't have the sufficient qualifications to work here... Wait WHATCHUSAY? *side eye*
So what your trying to say is that my 21 GCSEs and BTECs plus a current Level 3 course is not enough? Why? Half of your staff barely even speak English and you say I'm lacking.
You know what you can keep your STUPID job - You know what I'll do, I'll just have to eat off the government's money Won't I?
I don't get it the government is always telling us [teenagers] to get off our bums and go get jobs, when we try to, the doors get slammed in our faces. The main culprit is you don't have experience. Well we just came out of High School, how CAN we have experience?!!?!? I mean not all of us work 9 to 5 whilst in school when we're 13,14,15

If your an employer and feel affected by this... Read this and read it again and when your done. Give me a job.

Rant over.

p.s how pretty is this angry woman... wish I looked like that when I'm angry haha