Summer Favourites

So summer is at an end and we're back to cold showers (as if we didn't have that in the summer o_0) merciless winds and maybe even snow blizzards... and stuff.  Today I reveal what products/things were on my list of ultimate summer favourites.

At number one (although in no particular order) is

1.Barry M nail varnish
I accidently stained my nails with bright yellow nail varnish and needed to keep them looking... well normal, so I got this very light baby-pink nail varnish to kind of imitate the colour of my nails (before the horrible stain o'course) I used only one coat and it worked like a charm! This is my go to nail polish when I'm feeling blah, because it dries quickly, spreads wonderfully and looks like my nails are just naturally that shiny and pinky lol

Where from: Superdrug
 How Much: I got this at a sale, it was 2 for £5 on all Barry M nail varnishes

2.Maybelline Matte Mouse Foundation
I very rarely wear foundation/powder since my skin is annoying and tends to break out when I apply it, but when I do, I'm looking for something that is light and doesn't feel sticky or like I'm even wearing make-up. That is why I love this foundation from Maybelline (love this company)
At number 2 it's Maybelline's Dream Matte Mouse foundation. + it feels like mousse!

Where from: Superdrug
How much: Around the £6.00 mark

3.Palmer's Cocoa butter
I normally use Shea butter as my body moisturiser but with the Sun's heat, it was almost impossible to use Shea butter my Shea butter in the summer so I traded my Shea butter for this.

Where from: African Beauty Store
How much: £4.99

4.Sure Deo.
Pretty self-explanatory... right.

: Where from: Morrisons
How much: £1


Where from: The Almighty God!
How much: Priceless... I think?