A Declaration

"I will not sugar coat the truth because society is too sensitive to see.
I will not crop out what others prefer to be unsaid
Or resize truth for the purpose to fit in your frame.
I believe scares are lessons learned so I won’t even fix the blemishes.
I will not subsidize or compromise what I believe
In order for you not to feel guilty
Scripture says our tongues hold the power of life and death
God needs us to speak to his people
But were bereft.
Of scripture, of sin.
Why pretend?
That your too holy to comprehend,
The struggles of our generation.
Too busy trying to make ourselves equal
Not only with the unbelievers
But with the Christian in the next seat
The one who isn’t afraid of eternal heat.
The Christian deceivers.
We forget we are crucified with Christ
And that its not by our might.
We stay silenced.
Why bash violence when silence is so deadly?
Because we refuse to speak the raw truth
In order to be friendly.
Death is the equivalent to life, when life is unmentioned.
Why do you think the say speak now or forever hold your.. peace
So please
Speak forgiveness, Let it go.
Speak the truth.
 Save a soul".