The new eating scheme

I've noticed something... Every blog post I write begins with an 'I' or a 'Me',  I need to stop talking about myself so much - I'm sure it gets pretty annoying. I mean really, count how many times I've mentioned myself here... Exactly.

I need to start eating healthier.... (see talking about myself again, it's a habit LOL) No I'm not particularly a fast-food restaurant eater, I hate McDonald's, can't stand Burger king and KFC makes me sick (with the exception of Wagamama, that's my favourite restaurant) - So those are all out of the question. I'm the type of person who'll eat bran-flakes breakfast, afternoon and lunch and snack on ginger biscuits throughout the day. So my problem isn't so much putting away burgers and drinks (yuck!) , it's just fitting 'proper' food into my diet and actually being consistent with it.

This week all I've eaten is:

(am) Hot chocolate and some digestive biscuits,
(mid) nothing
(pm) rice and stew

(am) Hot chocolate and two pieces of toast,
(mid) chips
(pm) nothing

(am) Hot chocolate and one piece of toast,
(mid) nothing
(pm) nothing

(am) nothing
(mid) chips from the chippery
(pm) cornflakes

(am) cornflakes

(mid) cornflakes
(pm) cornflakes

(am) porridge
(mid) nothing
(pm) rice and stew
See no variety at all, my diet consists of cornflakes and hot chocolate (which I love) but it needs to change. SO what I'm going to do is I'm going to accurately document what I eat day to day, I'll try and add more veggies and fruit in there as well. I'm just not a very cookery person. I do cook but only when I need to, it's not particularly something I enjoy. BUT I will make an effort startiiing. Tomorrow! I don't wanna start today... I still want some chips... (for my US fam, chips are French Fries in the US I believe... lol)
At the end of each week I'll post whatever I've had that week on here and maybe like a tutorial or something; . I need to be more consistent with this thing. Ok I need a proper plan... Like when to eat junk food and when not to! Like maybe 'Friday Junk-day' or 'Monday Munch day!' or Wednesday... you get my drift.
If you have any suggestions on blogs that deal with healthy foods and stuff please let me know, I'd be super grateful. I really want to be all trim and stuff for the summer... lol  you're probaly thinking 'Sherida, it's December why are you even thinking about summer?' That's what my sister said to me today lol. But I don't care, I like to plan ahead. hihihi

I have a sneaky suspicion that I'm going to fail at this. Miserably.