Hellooo, first things first.
Remember my 'diet' post thing? Yah well total fail, I think I've actually done worse than before. My aim was to eat healthier, it went okay up until the second day...
#2 This blog is currently under construction, I've got a few changes under my sleeve. This layout is annoying and boring to me - So it'll be second to fly out of the window. and THIRDLY it's ym 18th Birthday on Monday (20/12/2010) Mergh kinda sucks because it's so close to Christmas - My dad was supposed to be flying over from Switzerland but because the crazy weather conditions... That's been cancelled. Yeah thanks snow.
AAAAAAAND and I'm currently reading a book by one of my all time favourite authors Joshua Harris. It's called 'Stop Dating the Church, Fall in Love With the Family of God'. I'm really enjoying it so far - But I'll probably do a book review on it.
So that is that - Hope you're all enjoying your winter holidays! Till next post!