Update on my life/ Life in general

Hey guys, hope you've had a blessed week!
So I'm thinking... Or I've been thinking, my blog is looking a little gloomy and boring and all that bad stuff. I want a change. Maybe a different font, colours, heck even the banner needs changing. That picture was taken ages ago and I don't look like that anymore... I need a consistent colour scheme, enough with the grey and pink... I want CHANGE! Any suggestions? Oh and book reviews still coming up. Aaaaand I've been to more open days, my last one was at Camberwell College of Arts - London. I loved it I absolutely adored the place, I've never lived in a big city so if God permits, this will be my first. I'm still working on my personal statement which I still have not conquered, there is just so much to write with so little space and time. I'm struggling so much and it feels like I'm not really getting anywhere. I know where I want to go for University, but there is a lot I have to consider like finance (mainly) and accommodation. I want to go London College of Communication (Elephant & Castle), Camberwell, Cambridge College of Arts, Ravensbourne University and possibly Somerset or Bournemouth College of Arts... 4 out of 5 of these are in London and the rent is really high there so this calls for heavy consideration.... So far I've been to

  1. De Montfort University
  2. Reading University
  3. Bournemouth University
  4. Camberwell College of Arts
I definitely want to go to Camberwell so that is a possible first option. I'm going to visit LCC (London College of Communication) but I have a feeling I'm already going to like it! *singing* GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD I'm calling out to youuu help me, tell me what to doooooooo

If you live in London, or go to any of the Universities mentioned PUHLEAAASSEEE let me know, I'd love to hear what you think/thought of it. It's a new place that I'm not to familiar with so... I'm just a small town girlllllll *carries on singing*

  Oooo Btw look at my twist out I did a few days back, I was going to post these pictures earlier but my fingers refused to cooperate. I used Africa's Best Twist & Lock Gel which I'm going to do a review over very soon.  I did the twists quite small and left them for about a week or two (my protective style) I like how they came out. Might do this again... Unless I'm feeling lazy or overburdened with work...

And lastly, I've always wanted to have a video diary (which is why I bought a camera) but I just can't bring myself to speak to... nothing.

p.s. i'm not sweating, it's the flash loloolol