50 things I did in 2010

2010 is GONE in a blink of an eye, here are 50 things I did in 2010 some I regret some I don't. Enjoy!

  1. I got saved
  2. I shaved my hair off
  3. I turned 18
  4. Reached one year of blogging
  5. Learned how to knit
  6. Learned how to crochet
  7. I quit my diets
  8. I gained 2 stones (28 pounds) and didn't even care
  9. Learned how to street preach (still learning though)
  10. Gained well over 8000 readers on this blog
  11. Stopped going to the gym
  12. Nearly got kicked out of my home
  13. Interviewed artists
  14. Been stranded in London with no money
  15. Bought a new camera
  16. Performed one of my poems for the first time
  17. Went to Thorpe park
  18. Got a distinction in college
  19. Baked cookies and cupcakes
  20. Screamed and yelled
  21. Bought over 10 Black 4mm fineliners in a week
  22. Wasted a lot of money
  23. Drank way too little water
  24. Hennaed my hair
  25. Laughed and cried
  26. I wrote 20 more poems
  27. Learned to forgive
  28. Changed the domain of my blog
  29. Went to concerts
  30. Joined a Drama/Theatre group
  31. Learned French
  32. Saw a newborn for the first time
  33. Learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and inDesign
  34. Went to Holland
  35. Cruised on a ship
  36. Drank more tea
  37. Messed up my sleeping pattern
  38. I forgave someone I never ever thought I would
  39. Made a snow angel
  40. Gave up on fashionable dressing
  41. Read a few novels
  42. Got locked inside my house
  43. Lost my bank cards over 5 times
  44. Got lost in the London subway
  45. Officially did something really embarrassing to add to my long list of embarrassments.
  46. Lost my bible in Holland
  47. Got a new study bible for my birthday
  48. I finished my first year of college
  49. I finally learned to trust God
  50. Fell in love with the family of God