Goodbye Procastination, Goodbye Facebook

How can one man invent the ultimate procrastination site?  By creating facebook that's how. So I officially deactivated my facebook account and it's really ironic how you can log in again - as if to say that you can't stay away from it - Not really anyways. Anything that can be deactivated can by all means be reactivated. I have seriously fallen behind in course work in the past over this. Staring for 5 hours straight at your drunk and disorderly friend's pictures, disgusted but secretly envying their free time whilst you sit there trying to do work. Or just cruising through people's profiles whom you've never seen before but just so happens to be on you ever expanding friend's list; which is so long you could have sworn it was Myspace. Once upon a time it was so cool to be on Facebook, it was the Adult social networking site to which everyone was strictly forbidden. You and a couple of friends on Facebook while the rest of your friends were on Myspace, Bebo or Hi5.
But as I mentioned that was 'Once upon a time'. Now status updates from twelve year olds expressing their broken hearts through sorry soppy love songs such as "I Will Always Love You" by You Know Who, really "Does Your Head-in" and those same twelve year olds who t@LK L!K3 tHi$'  kinda makes you wonder why on earth they're on your friends list... Even if they are you little cousins. Oh and of course not to forget the indirect hate comments posted on people's walls which is always always ALWAYS aimed at someone on their friends list but are too chicken to call them out. In addition you never really realize how annoying someone is until you're news feed is filled with crap like a freaking Twitter website.
So until my desire to do absolutely nothing but peer at people's pictures kicks in again - I'm jumping off the bandwagon... until further notice that is.

P.S: I wonder how long until the Twitter and Facebook hype dies and another social networking site - After all no one ever thought Myspace would die.

R.I.P Facebook in advance