I Want To Get Into Photography

I really do. I bought a phone 2 years ago in hopes that it would do me just until I got a 'proper' camera. I can't say I didn't try, I really can't but when the battery dies on your 5 megapixel Samsung Camera phone whilst shooting something - It really makes you want to cry. Well with me anyways. I begged my dad to get me a Samsung Tocco (remember this phone?)  Knowing full well that it was an ancient phone  with not much functionality other than call. text. and the occasional flashy camera. Nevertheless I persisted and persisted until I finally got it, it wasn't even brand new. Refurbished from the Carphone Warehouse. It wasn't all it was hyped up to be. The whole reason I got this was to finally kick start my somewhat passion for photography, but much to my discontent that failed. And I don't want to blame the phone - Honestly, but there is something about holding a camera that is supposed to take pictures that slightly entices me. If it isn't the big camera lens that you can attach and detach then it must be the shoulder strap thingy that comes with it and the fact that you look through a little peep hole and not some smeary phone screen that you callously press your ear into. No. It's the quality of the pictures, crisp but smooth. Seriously, I drool over these things. Numerous times I've loved to take pictures of stylish people on the street. But how can really when I carrying a beat-up Samsung Tocco that blurs at every picture I take. Note to self also, pixels really aren't all that - I bought a 14 megapixel holiday camera (for an amazing price) last year and couldn't help but feel so angry at myself for being rubbish with technology.
Every once in a while I I scroll endlessly and enviously at blogs that capture such beauty, even the simplest things like nail varnish or empty bottles. The subtle colours by Zayna Daze, the amazing scenery by my good friend Rudo and the vibrancy of Eric lafforgue really makes me go on a photography course or something. I know this serious for a lot of people and I think it could be for me too, who knows maybe I'll incorporate photography into my Graphic Design career. But I'm not trying to restrict myself - I dance, sing, sew, knit, crochet, draw, whats to stop me from adding photography to this list huh?

some of my favourite photographers

Kwesi Abbensetts


Lauren McGlynn


Ansel Adams


Eolo Perfido

Rudo Nyangulu
















Eric Lafforgue







 Just to name a few... If you have any advice, comments some more photographers or if you're a photographer yourself let me know in the comments section