Look what I found Mummy!

Where From:COW Vintage - Birmingham
How Much:£3

I went to a wonderful vintage store called COW Vintage in Birmingham and pulled this little dress out. They have several stores around the UK. I got 4 dresses that were on sale for £3 each!!! I wore one of them today and I don't think I've felt this girly in a while, so it was a nice change from jumpsuits, Maxi dresses and army boots.

I do apologize for these crappy photos, bad lighting, bad camera...Bad photographer lol

and since the pictures didn't really do these justice I snapped this of me in it (Correction my sister snapped it lol). I love how loose the material is, it gave me more to work with and since I loathe skin tight clothes, this garment is positively delightful!

Note: The red belt didn't come with the dress