Interracial Relationships

Someone posted this on Youtube (About Interracial Relationships) I thought it was interesting.

"God created the dark` God created light, He also created black and white, If He was displeased with mixing the two together, There would be no spring summer or fall, or bouts of stormy weather, There would be no sunsets mixing into night, Or the beautiful range of skin tones that determine black and white". 

what are your views? I know that we are well in the 21st century however time does not always mean change of attitude. From a personal perspective I don't know why this is even an issue and I don't understand the uproar - I've grown up with sooo many mixed cultures and interracial relationships so I guess it's natural for me but for some who maybe haven't had this upbringing it may be quite daunting... It's easy to bash people for their opposing views for this but I feel that each person has his or her reasons and the best we as people can do is listen and pray...
Hmm I feel inspired for the next post I want to write.