Not Procrastinating; Honest!

This is my desk at home at the moment and so far I'm running on Porridge and water.Yes. Sad I know. As the final year of college closes in, I'm getting more work, more freelance jobs, college projects, deadlines, essays, sculptures - I've got about a month left of college so obviously it is the most hectic. You've probaly seen this message on other student blogs like mine and I don't like saying this but, blog posts, specifucally detailed posts, will be 'lesser' for the coming month or so. There is quite a lot to sort out and I'm going to University (If God permits) in September (YAY!). The Uni which I'll be attending is Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication , it's one of the best in the country so I'm SUPER excited but I need to brace myself because Uni is hard work and stressful - Looks like I'll fit right it hehe :}

P.S - Do you like the new blog layout? I know I said I was going to change a few things a couple of months ago but I only got round to it 2 days ago! I still have a few bits and bobs to fix. But as I said, I'm not procrastinating; Honest!