Closed Chapter.

Hello lovelies, I'm afraid its about that tome again... Reminiscing. Yes  time last year I was just getting used to writing a blog, now it seems like only yesterday I gained my very first follower! (Ah the joy!) When I first started this blog I was in my first year of college and it seems weird knowing that that chapter of my life is now closed. As I transition to University I'm left thinking what will become of Coconut and Cream. Do I shut it down and open a new blog following my life in University or just carry on with this one? But I quickly dismissed the first thought; this blog is my pride and joy (lol) and I think Uni will be a perfect place to follow my progress of .... uhm life?

Saying this, I'm off blogging for a while - Specifically a month or so. Off to Ghana. I wont be taking any pictures... Well maybe one or two. Ill be drawing and sketching and painting. I figured I want to take a big long rest before super hard work starts again in September.
See you when I get back when a whole new chapter is opened...(excuse the cheesiness)