Product Review : Garnier Soft Essentials Replenishing Day Care Cream

What it says on the packet:
Garnier Soft Essentials Replenishing Day Care Cream is designed for dry skin types and enriched with Vitamin E and Apricot extract this hydrating Day Cream works to leave even dry skin supremely soft.
Garnier Soft Essentials is the irresistible partner for dry and sensitive skin. The formula gently removes make-up, cleanses the skin and provides essential comfort. And they offer a complete sensory pleasure, enriched with Rose Essence. Dermatologically tested.  

How to use:
Apply daily or as needed.


Where to buy/Price:
I bought this in Boots at a sale for no more than £2.50 as part of a deal.

Love it or leave it?
Since I loved Garniers 3in1 cleanser I thought I'd have the same luck here.
I have very dry skin and my hunt for the perfect moisturizer is never ending. So I tried this out in hopes that it would do it's job but alas no avail. I woke up with rashes all over my neck and cheeks and I know that it's because of this product. I do not intend to use this again but I hate wasting money so I use it as a hand cream now. It works okay for my hands... The Petrolatum and Mineral Oil in it is probably the reason I broke out so bad. I'll have to leave it as a facial moisturizer and love it as a hand cream.


Package design: 0/5
The packaging is the most unexciting thing to hit my beauty shelf. It comes in a baby pink little tub with a white screw top lid and is packaged again in a white box where all the information is placed. The pink and white theme leaves not much to be desired, it is too safe and reminds me too much of Johnson's baby products. The typography is a sans serif, probably Helvetica if they're smart or Arial if they still the in the dark ages. I think that with such safe colours and they could have taken more risks with the typography. The logo placement is sufficient but other than that the packaging makes me yawn.

The moisturizer itself is white and has a good consistency is quite light when applying so you can easily apply more without it ending up too thick. d.

Touch: 0/5
The moisturizer is supposed to feel light and creamy, it doesn't feel too thick, but it's definitely thicker than my current moisturizer from Lush (product review coming up). I really don't like how it just sits on my face, I think this is the mineral oil and petrolatum depositing it's fat behind on my pores and my skin doesn't like it. As I said this will not be used on my face ever again, I have no desire to try it  out again but to use it on my hands.

Smell: 0/5
It smells just like any other commercial moisturizer - Kind of fresh, light but still has a strong chemical presence.

Sight: 0/5
White substance

Overal Ratings