"Hey girls,

Just a quick reminder for you all: don’t settle. 
Seriously, never settle. Your man should fit all your standards and be everything you need. I don’t mean that shallow criteria you have (oh, he has to be taller than me; he has to dress nicely; he has to have a six-pack, etc). I mean he will be everything you need. God has an amazing plan for you, an amazing boy for you. Don’t settle for someone who looks good on the outside, but is selfish and lazy on the inside; someone who has great credentials, but has lost focus of his ultimate goal. Don’t rush or be impatient just because you want someone tangible to take care of you. Wait for the man God gives you.

How will you know him?
Here’s one thing to consider: how does he pursue you?
If you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is calling you somewhere or to be with someone, I’d like to think you would go ahead and follow that calling.
This man of God has already been praying for you and about you and if he’s beginning to pursue you, he’s received the green light from Him, and he will be intentional about his relationship with you.
He will be a man of prayer and a man of action. He won’t manipulate you and he will choose his words wisely. He’ll know that his actions are powerful and can be easily confused. 
None of the ambiguity, the guessing, the blurred lines, the sneaky questions to see if you reciprocate his feelings. He will pursue you in a Godly manner. Never making you feel uncomfortable or pressuring you into a situation you dislike. No flakiness, no leading you on, no games. 
The man God has in store for you is everything you need…and maybe nothing you expected. Trust Him for what’s best: the best guy, the best timing, the best plan".