Tales From Ghana - Part Trois

This here was my old school I went to when I lived in Ghana (Bet you didn't know that huh?) My memories of it are so clear it daunts me. I knew I lived in Ghana when I was younger but I wasn't sure for how long - Now I've come to find out I was there for about 3 and a half years! I am so convinced I'm older than I actually am. A lot has happened in the (alleged) 18 years that I've been alive, I'm still trying to figure out where everything goes...

So anyway I remember when I first got left there (yes left, I still feel the pain) I was about 4 years old.
I went to Ghana with my mum, a couple of days later she said she was off to buy me some sweeties, I was naive enough to believe her... She never came back. Until 3 and a half years later of course. 
But no this story is certainly no sob story. I had the time of my life even though I was convinced my grandma hated me. According to all my family I was an uncontrollable little brat of a child from Europe and my mum was far too nice to 'discipline' me. Ever seen the kids on Nanny 911? yeah I was one of 'em. 
My grandma says I wouldn't be as mellow as I am now if I hadn't gone to Ghana. Apparently it "tamed" me. o_O 
In this school I endured both torture and laughter. I remember this one time I was eating a watermelon at school and a girl (much older) told me if I swallowed a seed, it would grow in my belly and rip me apart and kill me. I never touched a seeded fruit again... Until that evening (lol).
There was a particular teacher who had his eye on me the whole time I was there, making sure I didn't have one of my diva breakouts - His name was *Ghanaian accent* 'Teacha Paa Kwesi' He used to walk around with a stick (correction:tree branch) and let it be known that he was in control. I used to run away from him until he caught me and gave me double beating that left me standing for a week! 

This one time I will never forget. Disclaimer: I have ALWAYS been rubbish at maths, this incident proves it!
It was exam day for all the 6 year olds and Teacha Paa Kwesi had his stick ready for anyone who stepped out of line, one by one he'd call these weak vulnerable pupils up to answer his maths equation. Whoever got it right was applauded who didn't well... Next it was my turn.
      'Sherida, what is two times two?' he asked me. My brain working in overdrive, I was assured I was going to get this one, yes I had the answer. I was super confident about it too. Knowing I was not going to get any lashes today I boldly proclaimed...
      'Five, the answer is five'... 
The room went quiet, I turned to see Teacha Paa Kwesi with an expression of disbelief on his face and there and then I knew it coming - Smile swiftly wiped from my lips.

     *WHIPLASH* on the back of my legs *WHIPLASH* again on my bum
       'The answer is FOOOOOUUUURRRR' I screamed, it's fouuur' 
But having the right answer is not what he wanted because he kept those lashes coming

My grandma had to come and pick me up that day, it was that bad. Another reason why I never thought my grandma liked me, cuz the woman never showed any darn sympathy!
I guess I did get tamed because even the mention of his name sends shivers down my spine!