Where do you come from?

Hoola, it's been a while, thanks for sticking around.

Have you ever been asked 'Where do you come from'? You probably have, how have you answered this question and is it straight foward?

When someone normally asks me where I come from, I take a long pause followed by a confused face and then a disclaimer that it might take a while to explain because I really do have to think. You see, I have lived in different places (and places within those places) all my life, by definition I am borderline Gypsy.

Here is how I answer this question.
  • If they can detect a Dutch accent then I say I'm from Holland
  • If the person is black I say I'm from Ghana
  • If the person is white I say I'm from Reading
  • If someone asks me where I'm from in Reading, I say I'm from Liverpool
  • If I'm in Liverpool, I'll say I'm from Holland
  • If I'm in Holland , I say I'm from Ghana
  • If I am in Ghana I say I'm from England
See Its that difficult, I constantly have to pinch myself to stop blaming my mother for all this gypsy-ness (is that even a word?) she's dragged me through. Nevertheless more culture experiences I guess. More often than not though I say I'm from Ghana. Sometimes it also depends on if I want to have a conversation or not. If I don't, I say Reading (Because its so bland) and if I do want to converse I say Holland, because people seem generally shocked that black people can come from such a "white populated" country... Which it ISN'T, Holland is a wonderful place with butterflies and rainbows and of course everybody knows Dutch people have tulips coming  out their backsides >.<

This picture is so irrelevant to the post... But I like it and I guess you could say its an update of my hair. Which reminds me its probably a good time to make a post about my hair before it goes into braids for the colder months!