Hello 'Memo'

Dear readers, it really isn't my intention to keep posting stuff off Etsy. I don't get paid, I just love the place! (hmm maybe I should just do a weekly easy findings). Anyway, this time I couldn't resist. I'm a sucker for hand crafted items and it almost seems like a burden upon me to share my findings with you. So, my lovely dear readers, today I bring you 'Memo'.
'Memo is an Etsy shop that specialises in screen printed illustrations (either in a form of a card or just a display). I love how bright and colourful her illustrations are, definitely worth having one of her pieces I reckon. Having dabbled in screen printing here and there I can testify that it can be a little tedious, however with time its actually relaxing and I love doing it outside in the summer! I once screen printed over 50 designs in one day, its definitely my favourite medium to use as a Graphic Designer.

Click here to see more of her work.

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