Coconut and Cream Revised (& a brief history)

Hello guise! As you can tell,  I have made some recent changes to my blog. Those that've followed me for a while know that I've changed my blog many times. I've had a few blog names like 'Love is a Verb' which I found too cheesy so I changed it after a week. Then I changed it to 'I am Sherida' but I just couldn't get with it. I finally changed it to Coconut and Cream, after my favourite lip balm (I no longer use this lip balm lol) and for some reason it just fitted perfectly. Though this blog has absolutely nothing to do with coconut or cream, I found it quirky just like me! ...I can't think of any other reasoning behind this name.  -__-
Coconut and Cream had been looking a little dry and dull lately. I figured if I'm a Graphic Designer, why not incorporate that more into this blog. I love the new Coconut and Cream and hope you do too. There are still things left to finalise so the blog may be a bit shaky now and again (but not for long). I also hope it's easier to navigate around. Categories and links to find me elsewhere can be found on the left hand side, archives down below and also a search bar.

To my friends/followers (here's where it gets all mushy)
Thanks so much for everyone that has followed me so far, hugs to my old followers and hugs to my new followers! I wish I could give an accurate description of what Coconut and Cream was about. I have yet to figure out what this blog really entails, after 3 and a half years, I still stick with my motto of 'Coconut and Cream is about anything and everything' which it is! Over the years, I have discussed politics, religion, beauty products and I've also ranted and poured my heart out on many occasions.
I originally started a blog to put my poetry online but that soon became boring and I replaced the poems with my thoughts. It then became a way for me to document everyday musings for me, so I could look back at posts and laugh a little. I was so shocked when I gained my first follower, which then turned into 2 and then 5 and then 10 and 17 (and so on). I genuinely wanted to know why people were so interested in what I had to say. I didn't think of myself as an interesting person *shrugs*, I just put out what I wanted to read. I'm over the moon with the amount of people that read my blog now. If you have noticed I very rarely base posts off what readers want to read (with the exception of product reviews). This is because it is important for me to still write blog posts for myself like I did in the beginning. In a way this blog is my diary which I have chosen to share with all you lovely people. Also, I don't want to lose sight of what got me started. Instead I wanted to be passionate about what I write.
I look back now at my old posts cringing at my limited vocabulary and unnecessary use of bold text and exclamation marks. For some time I thought about going back and 'correcting' these things, but I've decided against that because the purpose of this blog is to document my journey, what good would it do to go back and correct my mistakes?
I didn't want to say it but, this blog is my baybey! It was born when I was 16 years old and in college, now I'm 19 years old and in University (talk about teen mum haha). We've made it this far, I hope you continue to follow this journey with me filled with random talks and unpredictable musings.

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