The Netherlands - Day 0

So I remembered that I was terrified of planes when I was on the plane (How I forgot this I don't know). I was so tired from my trip to the airport, that I plonked myself on the plane seat and fell asleep straight away. For the first ten minutes, the motion of the plane going round and round in circles cradled me to sleep before I was rudely awakened by the aircraft deciding to take off. I literally had a panic attack and the man sat a seat from me didn't know whether to calm me down or keep his distance...  Instead he smiled wearily which was enough comfort for me. Plus it didn't help that I was sat next to a window, I imagined all sorts of things and continued to feel paranoid the whole time I was on the plane. I looked around to see if anyone else was uneasy, but they all seemed collected and were talking and drinking. I'm not looking forward to my trip back to England :(